Thank You!

Election_Day_group.jpgI would like to thank all the citizens of Stratford who voted for me. I'm very grateful to the hard-working volunteers who poured their hearts and hopes into my campaign. Never has Stratford seen such a strong grassroots effort made to establish a movement toward better government. Our numbers show that more Democrats voted in this election than in the last mayoral race. This is only the beginning.

To my lovely wife, Linda, and our daughters, Koren, Tanya, Sonia and Jodie: I will never forget all you have done for me during the campaign. You made this all possible.

To the moms and dads who got their children involved and demonstrated an interest in democracy in town government. They are our town's future and I'm proud to have inspired them, as they have inspired me.

To all those who voted for me: my commitment to you is even stronger now.

I congratulate Mayor Harkins on his hard-fought win. But the issues I campaigned on continue to drive me. I entered this race to solve Stratford's problems and until we have a more fiscally responsible government that represents all the people I will not rest.

We must put party politicking aside and come together as a town to work and do what is right for Stratford.

Clearly there are a lot of issues in town that need to be addressed. Remember, this town belongs to all of us and I will continue to work with you to remain engaged in the best interests of a better Stratford.

I will start by addressing the issues of those who were not informed as to which polling location to vote. If you went to the wrong location and did not vote on Election Day, please contact me at 203-212-8571. Together we'll address this matter with the proper authorities.

In closing, I want to express how happy I am to have met so many wonderful people during the campaign. I only regret that I could not have met many more of you.

God give us the wisdom and guidance to work together and become a stronger community.



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