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Thank you!

Thanks for being involved in Stratford. Your town is facing a lot of choices – and has made a lot of changes – over the past few years.

Last year, you worked hard to bring the issue of keeping or selling off our waste water plant to the people.

This year, you have spoken up for other issues: Shakespeare, Raymark, and TOD.

I hope you use this web site as your place to find out what's happening with Stratford – and, to keep involved!

Thank you for making a difference!


News Links:

Joe Paul elected to Zoning Commision!
Joe Paul calls for TOD Morotorium

What's happening?

Another public meeting is in the works for January.Check back for details.
Zoning Commission
Next scheduled meeting: December 13, 7 pm, Council Chambers

Keep up-to-date:

It's simple.

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