Kick-off Success!

Joe's Campaign Kick-off event at Jeffrey's was a great success.

Special guests Senator Ed Gomes and Bobby Ramos introduced Joe.

“Joe is an intelligent, caring, and hardworking person, and if that isn’t what you want in a leader I don’t know what is. Candidates often spend time talking about big ideas without addressing why they are running for office in the first place. I know why Joe is running, he is running because he loves this town and he knows that under his leadership it will prosper.”

That's what Senator Gomes said - and that's why Joe is running!

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Joe is Running for Mayor!

Thanks for being involved in Stratford. Your town is facing a lot of choices – and has made a lot of changes – over the past few years.

Last year, you worked hard to bring the issue of keeping or selling off our waste water plant to the people.

This year, you have the chance to CHANGE HOW STRATFORD IS RUN!

I have decided to run for your mayor!

When I ran four years ago, I said that it would take an outsider’s perspective to find solutions to the challenges facing Stratford. Since then, it’s only become more clear that we need to stop electing the same politically motivated insiders to the Mayor’s office. Being from Stratford and raising my own family here, I know what makes this town great and the potential it has. The political gridlock we're seeing now is holding us back, but it doesn't need to.

What do you want for your town? How about a mayor who is business minded, NOT business as usual?

Thank you! I'll be knocking on your door soon!